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Simple styling tips to look chic on a budget


Whether it’s dressing up for date night at the museum or for weekend brunch with friends outdoors, you would love to upgrade your wardrobe by going for a more classic and chic look without breaking the bank.  Luckily, you may be able to find a few styling pieces in your own closet as well as finding affordable items that give you stylish and sophisticated vibes on a budget.  Here are some stylish tips you can use to look chic without the expensive price tag to match:

 All Black Everything 

Black is a color staple in fashion that not only goes with just about any outfit, but it also represents classic and high fashion.  There's many black clothing items to create your chic look such as a simple black dress with pumps and a small purse, which always give off a classic and luxury vibe, no matter the season.  Or a pair of black straight leg pants with a solid color minimal top and low heeled shoes for a clean and chic look.  For your next outfit, find your favorite plain black tee or top and team it with a loose pair of slacks like our Leslie Pinstripe pants, and nude open toe sandals.

The Perfect Blazer

 Blazers are a great item to own that doesn’t only have to be worn during business-related events or job interviews.  It's a classic and chic piece that is capable of being styled with any wardrobe for any occasion. From pairing it with high waisted skinny jeans or a skirt, like our High Waisted Plaid Skirt, and pointy ankle boots or heels; to incorporating relaxed linen-like shorts, loafers, and a basic tank top underneath.  It's also a perfect piece for the cooler weather.

Make it Neutrals 

Like the color black, neutral colors, such a white, beige, khaki, grey, and different shades of brown, are not only simple and versatile, but bring out a classic and high fashion look to your outfit.  For your next outing, try incorporating a pair of different color naturals together; such as white and beige or khaki and brown.  For instance, a pair of relaxed fitted brown slacks or a midi straight skirt and a beige turtleneck or sleeveless bodysuit, pointy heels, and black clutch, is perfect for special gatherings 

The Basics 

Many of us have at least one or two basic items in our closet; whether it's a basic crew neck tee, bodysuit, or sweater.  Adding this simple yet stylish item is perfect for layering or matching with another item for a chick and effortless look.  Try incorporating your favorite basic black or white crewneck tee or a tank bodysuit with a blazer or a sweater over the shoulders and a loosely fitted or slim pants with comfy loafers or pointy flats for your next business lunch or art gallery date.

The Pointy Toe Flat

 A pointed toe shoe is another great addition to a chic look.  Not only are a pair of pointy flats in a solid color, such as nude or black, comfy and gives a chic and casual appearance, but it's also a mixture of elegant and sophisticated style.  You can team a pair of pointy flats with your favorite closet finds, such as a medium light slim fitted jeans and a black blouse, such as our Dressed For Success top.

Bringing chic and high fashion to your style doesn't have to have a high fashion price.  Adding simple pieces, whether it's a basic fitted white tee or a simple black dress can really exude a classic and stylish fit to your wardrobe, giving you more chic looks with less spending.