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5 effortless summer clothing items to wear going into Fall

Another year, another summer soon coming to a close. Whether it was attending the festivals or the BBQs, it was the clothes that made us feel cool and fun.  So as we soon start to put away our sandals, swimwear, and shades for knee-high boots,cardigans, and brim hats; there’s still some summer sun to enjoy before heading into full fall mode.  So before you put away all your summer faves in a storage container and never open it up back until next year, here are five transitional pieces to still hold onto while welcoming the fall.

1) The Mini Skirt: A classic piece, the mini skirt is a great closet must-have; especially during the summer to fall season when it’s perfectly paired with any soft and cozy item.  As fall starts to enter and temperatures drop, a mini skirt can definitely work together with a tee or tank top, a soft lightweight cardigan added over it and paired with some loafers or sneakers.  Even a pair of knee high socks or tights together with a pleated mini skirt such as a Pleated Tennis Skirt, is fun and a very fall look going into the new season; whether for heading back to campus or attending a relaxed gathering.

2) The Sundress:  Who doesn’t love a beautiful flowy sundress for the summer.  It’s lightweight, effortless, and keeps you feeling cool during those hot months.  Well not only can you enjoy this dress for the summer days, but you can definitely style it with other warm and comfy pieces as you enter into the fall.  Whether you are headed to run errands or to the office on a chilly morning, match your flawless sundress with a fitted blazer or duster and slide shoes.  Sundresses like Lily Floral Dress, is a cute item to style for the fall with a denim jacket and tennis shoes.

3) The Short Sleeve Crop Top: A short sleeve crop top is another one of those styles that fits perfectly when going from summer to fall.  It’s such a trendy item for the summer that goes with any bottom; from high-waisted pants to skirts and shorts.  During the warmer temperatures, like the Abby Top, the crop top is perfect to leave it as it is and to just pair it with high-waisted distressed jeans. However as the transition of the fall starts and temperatures start to drop, styling the crop top with an oversized flannel shirt gives you the fall vibes you need for a chill friends night out.

4) The Biker Shorts: Biker Shorts have become increasingly popular in the past couple of years, with working out in them or hanging out in the park, they’re worn for almost any occasion; from picnics to festivals, to parties and fun date nights.  It's also a great piece for transitioning from summer to fall.  Slim fitted biker shorts, such as Sandra Biker Short, paired with a cute sports bralette, is great for hot afternoons. As it cools down, throwing on an oversized utility or denim jacket will keep you warm, comfy, and chic and it’s also a great look for meeting with friends at a coffee shop or attending an art gallery.

5)  The Blouse:  Blouses tend to be light-weight items for the summer that keep you chic and cool.  It’s a vibe paired with shorts, mini to maxi skirts, and slim leg jeans.  It's also a versatile wardrobe that works with any style for any season; especially going into the fall. Blouses such as the Katherine Blouse and Mini Floral Blouse, are not only great because they are lightly fitted for the summer, but coming into the fall, they are a little more comfy with its long sleeves and paired with your favorite cardigan over it.

Your wardrobe doesn't have to be over when the season is over. Whether it's a mini pleated skirt with a button-down cardigan and loafers or a crop top with an oversized denim jacket and biker shorts, as fall approaches, find ways to make your summer style favorites work with fall clothing items.